'Since the days of the first wooden sailing ships, all captains have enjoyed the happy privilege of joining together two people in the bonds of matrimony...'

       ...and then the minute they do, the Romulans attack, or everyone melts into the deck plating. But this needn't be the case: as an authorised celebrant and proud Federation citizen, the honour of joining speculative fiction fans falls to me - and I've never lost one yet.

'Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue!!!'

       - What every Companion wants on her wedding day. 

When you set your wedding in your chosen realm it is an expression of your highest priorities, your deepest wishes and your best selves.  You can have a Star Trek wedding; you can have a Doctor Who wedding; and if you're willing to risk the bloodshed and political upheaval, you can even have a Game of Thrones wedding. I can craft, and present, an authentic, legal ceremony with dignity and conviction, rituals and languages. And fur-trimmed cloaks.

I can create ceremonies for the other occasions in your life, too, from baby-naming rituals to rites of ascension and rites of separation.

As set down by the Shadow Proclamation my standard fees apply, plus provision for my outfit*.

* In the event of a Betazoid wedding ceremony I will not require extra provision for my outfit. Obviously.

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