I will help you find the words...

The words we say in ceremonies are some of the most powerful we will ever use, because with these words we change ourselves and we change the way others see us.

Perhaps you already know exactly what you want for your wedding – perhaps you don't know where to start.

I always start with – you!

I am honoured to be entrusted with your ideas, your wishes and your stories. I will give them back to you in a personal, authentic ceremony that celebrates your love, expresses your deepest values, and strengthens your bond with each other, with your loved ones, and with the community.

It is my privilege to be there while you think about what is most important in your life. It is my happy task to help you stand up and share it!

* Mind you, not everyone wants the Whole Shebang for their wedding ceremony. Have a look in my FAQs for more information about my cheerful Shorter Version if you just want to Get On With It.


Civil Celebrants I am your legal guide, personal scriptwriter, officiant and stage director. I don't use AI for my scripts or in my correspondence with you.

My delivery is cheerful and dignified, my manner enthusiastic, respectful, reassuring and – delighted!

I am delighted to see a couple joyfully embark on the great adventure of marriage.

I am so moved when the circle of a family gathers around a little person newly arrived, and gives them their place and their name.

I am honoured to help family and friends write and deliver a farewell for a loved one who has died.

Whatever the occasion, I will help you find the words.

I live and work on the lands of the Kulin Nation. I acknowledge the unbroken connection to Country of the Kulin Nation people and I contemplate with awe the countless generations of people who have held celebration, business and ceremony here. I offer my respects to Elders past and present as keepers of extraordinary cultures.


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