Commitments, Celebrations of Nuptials, Renewals of Vows...

Congratulations! Do come and meet me for a coffee to see if I'm the celebrant for you.

Not every celebration of love is the Wedding Thing. Perhaps you were married overseas or interstate and you'd like a Part Two celebration for local loved ones; perhaps you've been married fifty years and you'd like to share what you've learned in a renewal of vows; perhaps you just think that the Commonwealth of Australia should jolly well mind its own business. You can celebrate the marvellous thing that is your commitment to each other in any form you like, with a commemorative certificate and everything. As your personal scriptwriter I will help you create exactly what you want.

By the way: a trained celebrant has the skills, resources and experience to create and perform your commitment ceremony (or renewal of vows, handfasting, celebration of nupitals) just the way you want it, so most couples choose to engage a celebrant - but there is no legal obligation to do so.

Creation and consultation.

If you like my approach and give me the go-ahead, I will have a few questions about your tastes, and what you value in life and in each other. Then I know where to start writing and I will be able to suggest rituals, symbols, poetry, song lyrics and other ideas that you might find inspiring.

As I work on the script, I will come back to you regularly by email to make sure I am getting the mood and the thoughts just right. You will have unlimited contact with me by email or phone while we build it all up. It might take 3 drafts to create exactly what you want – it might take 15 – I don't mind. On the other hand - you might take the ceremony idea and run with it and show me a completed script - it's up to you! You can write it all; you can write some bits; you can ask me to just turn up on the day and say something nice - however you want to play it, I will make sure we have the script ready well before the big day.

For a commitment, nuptials celebration or a handfasting, a walk-through onsite close to the ceremony date will let us make sure that the choreography feels just right, and let us spot any potential surprises such as uncomfortable sun angles, intrusive tides, microphone stage fright... ( I don't get microphone stage fright). If your renewal of vows is to be a full ritual ceremony then a walk-through is a good idea then too.

On the Day.

I will arrive at the site in good time to set up my P.A. (I recommend a P.A. for more than 50 guests, especially outside). I will check the signing table and bring my pens for any documents you might have chosen to sign as part of the ceremony (e.g. change of name, civil register); double-check positions and seating; check in with members of the ceremony party already assembled and anyone presenting a reading or a song; check in with your photographer, videographer, musicians, balloon pilots, fire-eaters...

I will make sure your guests are ready for you in a pleasant state of anticipation. I will be on the lookout for our pre-arranged signal that you are ready to make your entrance...

By the time your arrive, all the work has been done. I will set the tone you want, and guide you, the guests, and everyone else with a part to play, all the way through, so that you two can just relax and concentrate on each other.

I will perform your ceremony with good cheer, dignity, and a great sense of my own privilege in quietly 'holding the door open' for you while you walk through it together.

And Finally...

We complete the occasion by signing (with two of your most treasured people as witnesses) a couple's certificate in calligraphy for you to keep, and any other documents you have chosen to complete to help mark the occasion.

Then I will give you back to your guests, and discreetly pack up and depart, leaving you to the revelry.

If all that sounds about right to you – let's talk!

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